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Funeral Insurance

  • What is Momentum Life Funeral Insurance?
    • Momentum Life Funeral Insurance gives your family a lump sum of money to cover the costs of your funeral and other final expenses when you pass away. You get to pick an amount between $3,000 and $30,000. The best part? Payment is usually sorted within 24 to 48 hours once we have all the required paperwork. Just a heads up, for the first 24 months, it covers Accidental Death only, but after that, you’re fully covered. And if it happens to be an Accidental Death, we’ll cover three times the amount you chose. Easy, right?
  • What doesn’t Momentum Life Funeral Insurance cover?
    • In the initial 24 months, we’ll only pay a benefit if you die as the direct result of an accident and the death happens within 90 days of the accident. If it’s an Accidental Death, the payout is three times your chosen benefit. After the first 24 months, your selected Funeral Benefit covers death from any cause.

      If a person covered by the policy passes away in the first 24 months, and we do not pay a Benefit, we’ll refund all the premiums you have paid us for that person since the start of the cover.

  • Who can get Momentum Life Funeral Insurance?
    • If you’re between 40 and 75 years old and a resident of New Zealand, you’re guaranteed to get covered with Momentum Life Funeral Insurance.
  • When does my Funeral Insurance start?
    • Your cover and policy for the person insured under the Funeral Insurance Policy starts on the Acceptance Date. Once your application gets the green light, you’ll receive a Policy Schedule. This document spells out:
      • Who’s covered
      • The type and amount of coverage
      • The start date of your coverage (the Acceptance Date)
      • Your premium amount
      • When your first premium payment is due (the First Premium Payment Date).

      If you increase or modify your cover after the Acceptance Date, we’ll send out a new Policy Schedule. Any increase or change occurs from the Cover Start Date mentioned in the updated Policy Schedule.

      Just so you know, the cover is limited to Accidental Death only in the first 24 months, but after that, it covers death from any cause.

Platinum Life Insurance

  • What is Platinum Life Insurance?
    • It’s cover that takes care of you and your family for up to $1m if you pass away or get diagnosed with a terminal illness. This helps you and your family keep moving when the unexpected happens, covering some living costs like mortgages or your kids’ schooling. Getting covered is a breeze – you can sort everything out over the phone for applications. Easy.
  • Who can get Platinum Life Insurance?
    • You're eligible to apply if you’re between 18 and 65 years old and a resident of New Zealand. The best part? There is no need for medicals, blood tests or paperwork in most cases.

      You can get cover just for yourself or add your partner to your Policy. One Policy can cover a maximum of two adult lives.

  • How much Platinum Life Insurance can I get?
    • Your Platinum Life Insurance Benefit can range from $50,000 up to a maximum of $1 million per Life Insured, depending on your age:
      • Ages 18 to 54: Max $1,000,000
      • Ages 55 to 60: Max $750,000
      • Ages 61 to 65: Max $500,000
  • How long can I keep my Platinum Life Insurance?
    • As long as you keep up with your premiums, you can have Platinum Life Insurance for life. Plus, once you reach 90, you don’t have to pay premiums anymore, and your coverage keeps going at no cost.


  • How do I claim with Momentum Life?
    • If you, your nominated Beneficiary, or your legal representative need to make a claim under your Policy, you or they can make a claim. Here’s how:

      Step 1: Reach Out

      Give us a call at 0800 108 108 option 3 for Claims or email us at to notify us about a claim. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm NZST.

      Your dedicated Claims Manager will guide you and provide the required forms.

      You can also download claims forms here.

      Step 2: Share the Details

      Complete the provided forms and email them, with the necessary documentation, to

      Alternatively, you can send by mail to:

      Claims Manager
      Momentum Life
      PO Box 90136
      Victoria St West, Auckland 1142

      Step 3: Stay Connected

      Your dedicated Claims Manager will take it from there, keeping you updated throughout the process. Once we have the claim form and required documentation, we’ll assess it, and valid claims will be paid promptly.

  • How soon will my claim be processed?
    • As soon as we receive your claim form and necessary documents, we’ll promptly assess it, ensuring that all valid claims are paid without unnecessary delays.
  • Who will receive the claim payment?
    • If your claim is approved, the payment will be made to you, the Policy Owner. In the case of the Policy Owner's death, payment goes to the Nominated Beneficiary or Beneficiaries.

      For details on the conditions related to Beneficiary nominations, please check the Nomination of Beneficiaries Form.

      If no Beneficiary has been nominated, and the Policy Owner has passed away, the payment will be directed to the executor of the Policy Owner's estate.

Our Public Trust Partnership

  • Tell me more about your (Momentum Life) offer from PT?
    • As a customer of Momentum Life, you can get 20% off your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney with Public Trust. For details on the offer and further useful information on how to go about writing your will, you can visit
  • How do I get the 20% discount from PT for my Will and Enduring Power of Attorney?
    • All you have to do is complete your will online at Make sure you use the code ML20 when you complete your will on the Public Trust platform to get the 20% discount.

  • What is a Will and Enduring Power of Attorney?
    • For useful information about Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney’s, you can visit the Public Trust website.


  • Who is the insurer?
    • Momentum Life insurance products are insured by Momentum Life Limited (FSP472286) trading as Momentum Life*.

      * If you purchased a Policy prior to 14th March 2018, the insurer is Fidelity Life Assurance Company Limited.

  • When does my insurance cover start?
    • Your Policy, and a Life Insured’s cover starts on the Acceptance Date. A Life Insured's cover starts on the Cover Start Date. Once your application is accepted, you will be sent a Policy Schedule which will detail:
      • Who is covered;
      • The type of cover;
      • The amount of cover;
      • The date your cover starts (the Acceptance Date);
      • The date your First Premium is due to be deducted (the First Premium Payment Date).

      If you increase or change cover after the Acceptance Date we will send you a new Policy Schedule. Any increase or change takes effect from the Cover Start Date set out in the new Policy Schedule. Please refer to your Policy Wording for any waiting periods that may apply.

  • When does my insurance cover end?
    • Cover for a Life Insured will end upon the earliest of one of the following events:
      • The date you cancel your Policy;
      • The date we cancel your Policy, due to your failure to meet obligation terms under the Policy;
      • The date you remove a Life Insured from the Policy;
      • The date we pay an insurance Benefit; or
      • The date the Life Insured dies.

      Additionally cover under your Policy will end when you, the Life Insured, reaches a certain age, or in the event of a claim for certain Benefits. Please refer to the relevant Policy Wording for full details of cover terms and conditions.

  • What if I’m unhappy and want to complain?
    • We strive to provide a positive experience, but if we fall short of your expectations, we want to hear about it. We aim to address concerns promptly, but some complaints may take longer to resolve. Here’s the process:
      1. Contact our Customer Care Team:

        Phone: 0800 108 108 (Mon to Fri, 9am - 6pm)
        Mail: Customer Service, Momentum Life
        PO Box 90136
        Victoria St West, Auckland 1142

        We’ll acknowledge your complaint within 2 business days.

      2. Customer Care Manager Review:

        If our Customer Care team can’t resolve it, a Complaints Manager will review your complaint and try to resolve it within 10 business days. If it takes longer than expected, we’ll keep you updated on progress.

      3. Internal Dispute Resolutions (IDR) Team:

        If you’re still unsatisfied, we’ll escalate the complaint to our IDR team, aiming for a resolution within two months from when you raised the issue. This will allow the team to independently investigate your concern and send you a response, typically, in writing. They will keep you informed of their progress in this time.

      4. Letter of Deadlock:

        If we can’t resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, our IDR team will issue a letter of deadlock. Within three months, you can take this to the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme(IFSO Scheme).

      IFSO Scheme:

      We are a member of the IFSO Scheme, a free and independent service that settles insurance and financial services disputes. Visit their website for more details.

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