Our Financial Strength

Momentum Life’s financial strength can give you the confidence that we’ll be there when you and your family need us the most.

Our Financial Strength

Momentum Life has a B++ (Good) Financial Strength Rating given by A.M. Best.

B++ (Good)

A.M. Best Ratings:

Excellent Financial Strength Rating Excellent Financial Strength Rating


For the latest ratings visit www.ambest.com. The rating should not be read as a recommendation.

Our Solvency

All licensed insurance companies in New Zealand must meet the Solvency Standards as required by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Momentum Life meets these requirements, and we are well set to honour our obligations and pay customer claims.

In October 2022, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand introduced the Interim Solvency Standard 2023, which became effective for Momentum Life from 1 July 2023. The new solvency standard has resulted in a change to the way solvency information is calculated and presented. Under the new solvency standard, both the Solvency Capital and Adjusted Prescribed Capital Requirement amounts are greater for Momentum Life than the equivalent figures calculated under the previous solvency standard. The solvency position is now calculated for the Statutory Fund and Momentum Life entity.

Solvency capital is the amount of capital we have available to meet our obligations. The Adjusted Prescribed Capital Requirement is the minimum amount of capital the new solvency standard requires us to hold. The difference between these amounts is our Adjusted Solvency Margin (also expressed as the Adjusted Solvency Ratio percentage in the table below).

The Adjusted Solvency Margin of Momentum Life Limited at 31 March 2024 as calculated by the Interim Solvency Standard 2023, is made up as shown:

Statutory Fund Momentum Life entity
$ million $ million
Solvency Capital 10.4 17.8
Adjusted prescribed capital requirement 8.1 14.9
Adjusted solvency margin 2.3 2.9
Adjusted solvency ratio 129% 119%