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Buying a home is one of the top reasons why people get life insurance. For many Kiwis, this is often an exciting milestone in their adult lives. However, this excitement might come with a bit of worry, as well. 

Affording the monthly repayments and paying for upkeep or repairs may be the most pressing concerns for many homeowners. But if asked, protecting this big investment is likely very important to them, too. However, some Kiwis may be overlooking one way to help protect their home: life insurance. 

Protecting your biggest asset

Since a house is probably the largest purchase most people make in their lives, it makes sense that they’d want to protect it. But how does life insurance factor into this? Whilst homeowner’s and contents insurance protect the physical building and everything kept inside, life insurance could help your family remain in their home during some worst-case scenarios.

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or pass away suddenly, how would your family pay the mortgage? You may have a partner who also works, but covering the house payment—along with all the other bills and expenses—might be too tough for them to do alone. A stay-at-home parent could have an even harder time making ends meet, especially if they’re unable to start working right away.

Life insurance is designed to help protect your home and your family’s future financial stability. The benefit they receive could be put towards the mortgage, or any other bills that will still need to be paid. 

Getting the right amount

Having some life insurance is probably better than having none at all. However, if you decide to take out cover, it probably makes sense to have the right amount for your family’s needs. Being underinsured—that is, not having enough life insurance to meet your financial obligations—is a problem for many New Zealanders.

So how much is the right amount of life insurance? There is no one answer. The amount your family may need could be completely different to what your neighbours, friends or coworkers might need.

People may consider many things when choosing their life insurance benefit. They may think about their family’s current lifestyle or what the future might hold for them, as well as their household budget and ongoing expenses, and how long their family could afford to cover them. 

Rethinking your cover

Buying a house might be the reason why you get life insurance, but there are other home-related events that may mean it’s time to update your cover. Moving house, making improvements or downsizing could be cause to review your policy.

If you’ve chosen a benefit to cover the entire mortgage, then taking on larger repayments after buying a bigger home may mean updating your policy. Similarly, taking out a loan to fund renovations or other big home improvements may also be a time to increase your benefit amount.

On the other hand, downsizing to a smaller home after the kids move out or after retirement may also be a time to review your cover amount. Similarly, once you’ve paid off your mortgage completely. 

Home is where the heart is

Life insurance could be an important way to help protect not only your house, but the life your family is building inside it.

Looking for other ways to help protect your family’s financial future? Writing a Will might be a good place to start. 

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