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Date nights are an important part of relationships, both young and old. One-on-one time with your partner helps create shared memories, which strengthens the bond you share. They can also be a great reminder of why you fell in love with each other in the first place!

Whilst “dinner and a movie” is a tried and true dating staple, it can quickly become boring. Spice up your next night out with one of these fun activities. 

Learn to cook

There’s a reason dinner has become such a big part of dating. Sharing a meal with another person transcends cultures and allows conversation to flow. Take this concept a step further by learning to cook a new dish together. Classes are available for virtually every cuisine and skill level. A chef will guide you and other couples, and you get to sample your dishes at the end. You usually receive the recipe to take home, so you can recreate the magic anytime you like!

Take a dance class

Learning to waltz, tango or two-step with your partner can be a fun way to bond and get fit. Dance studios and community centres often host couples nights where you can learn to shimmy together. You don’t need to be a pro to have fun—just be willing to laugh at any lack of rhythm! However, you could both be more talented than you think. You might even be impressing guests with your box step at the next family wedding! 

Go for a hike

Visiting a national park or taking advantage of local walking trails is an inexpensive way to bond in the fresh air. There are plenty of walks, hikes and tramps around New Zealand to suit different fitness levels, interests and time durations. However, this isn’t the best date to plan as a surprise. You and your partner will want to be dressed appropriately, and bring enough water and snacks for the hike. It’s also wise to check for any safety or weather advisories before heading out. 

Visit a museum

When was the last time you visited a museum or art gallery? For many of us it was probably during our school or university days. Exploring a local museum can be a fun reminder of our youth, especially for couples who met as students. Take your time viewing the exhibit, discussing the pieces and displays that interest you the most. You and your significant other may not always agree, but you might learn something new about each other during the discussion!

Paint a masterpiece

Are you more into creating art than viewing it? Turn that creativity into a fun date night! “Paint and Wine” events allow you to each make a work of art whilst enjoying nibbles and a drink. Artistic talent isn’t required, as a tutor leads the class in painting a canvas. If you’re keen get creative on your own, visit a paint-your-own-pottery studio or take a drawing class together.

Share an adventure 

If you’re truly in a relationship slump, an adventurous activity could help jump start the romance! An American study found that people rated members of the opposite sex as more attractive when their adrenaline level increased.1 The activity doesn’t have to be as extreme as skydiving or bungee jumping, any activity that gets the heart pumping will work. Hot air ballooning, snorkeling or horseback riding may be more you and your date’s speed.

Try an escape room

Not quite ready for full adventure? An escape room can get your adrenaline pumping in a safer environment. You’ll be locked in a room filled with a variety of puzzles you must solve in order to escape within a set amount of time. It’s a great way to work together as a team and stretch your intellect! Escape rooms are a perfect double-date activity, as you typically need at least four people to complete the challenge.

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